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Selling Your Soul to the Devil

Bob Dylan is a music legend with over 45 years’ in the business.  The following is a clip from a 2004 interview of Bob Dylan.  The interviewer is Ed Bradley from “60 Minutes” on CBS. What do you think Bob Dylan … Continue reading

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The Eight Veils

The following article was written by Don Harkins.  This is essentially a “conspiracy” article, which starts off with the following statement: “Over the last several years I have evolved and discarded several theories in an attempt to explain why it … Continue reading

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A Satanic-Masonic Wish

Oh, my, but this is a “find” on YouTube!  Supposedly, this was a holiday commercial aired on MTV-Italy from 2007-2008.  See what you think of this video and the explanation that follows: Are you kidding me??!!??  Was this really broadcast … Continue reading

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Mind-Rape of Whitney Houston

Here is an interesting website link following the death of Whitney Houston: In Search of Black Assassins This website’s author gathered significant research information and wrote a blog offering what his believes really happened to Whitney Houston.  Admittedly, this is … Continue reading

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Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Wow, Madonna’s 13-minute Super Bowl Halftime show was absolutely amazing!  However, it also had all kinds of Illuminati symbology, IF you know what you’re looking for.  So, watch it again and then read the article below (or vice versa).  See … Continue reading

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