Music Lyrics that Stand the Test of Time

In 1979, the British rock band, Supertramp, released an album, “Breakfast in America.”  In 1980, it won two Grammys.  Over the years, it has sold millions; and it continues to garner accolades.  This album is a classic!  If you haven’t heard of it — or just want to revisit it — then check out the two songs below, which are particularly relevant today.

By the way, the singer on these videos is Roger Hodgson, the co-founder of Supertramp, who was also a lead singer, songwriter and composer for the band.  Hodgson ended up leaving the group; but he has a distinctive voice, which today’s Supertramp band cannot duplicate.  He’s a talented singer and a gifted songwriter!  He’s also a positive, spiritual person, which you can see in his face and hear through his music.  His music — on the “Breakfast in America” album and elsewhere — is a joy-filled journey that touches souls!  Enjoy!

The Logical Song:

Lord is it Mine:

Roger Hodgson’s website

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