Numerology and Symbology Around Whitney Houston’s Death

When people talk about the Illuminati (a/k/a “shadow government” or “the puppet masters”), it is frequently connected with numerology and symbology.  Both are apparently HUGE with the Illuminati.  Most people are completely unaware of this numerology and symbology openly displayed in front of them every day.  Once you understand it, though, you can spot it all around.  It’s constantly repeating itself.

This brings us to what some refer to as the human sacrifice of Whitney Houston by the Illuminati.  The circumstances surrounding Whitney’s death have a myriad of numerological and symbolic implications.  The following videos describe this theory and start with the title,

“Whitney Houston Was Sacrified by the Illuminati for the Jubilee of the Queen Elizabeth!”

These videos are by UnderCoverAlien.   They utilize a mechanical voice as narrator (which occasionally mispronounces words).   While you watch the videos, be careful not to be triggered and pulled into darkness or fear.  The point of this information is simply to make you aware.  Some refer to this as, “Be wise as a serpent.”  Others say, “Be wise of the serpent.”

Part 3

Part 4

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