Want to Know If You’ve Been Alien-Abducted?

Perhaps you already know that you’ve been (and are still being) abducted by aliens.  But, if you’re not sure and would like to find out, there’s a test that you can take.  You can find it here:

Flash Mental Simulation Self Assessment Test

This Self-Assessment Test (SAT) was developed by Dr. Corrado Malanga, who is from Italy.  He has been researching alien abductions for well over 20 years.  He has some very interesting information indeed about aliens and alien abductions — directly from the “souls” of abductees during hypnosis sessions.

Most of Dr. Malanga’s information is in Italian.  However, there is still quite a bit of information in English, including this version of the SAT.  If you want, you can complete the SAT and then e-mail it.  Your SAT will be evaluated to determine if you have or have not been abducted, and the results e-mailed to you.  This is quite a remarkable service, and it’s free!  It’s highly recommended.  So, please, out of respect for Malanga’s time and highest intentions, do not e-mail your survey  unless you are truly genuine about your inquiry.

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One Response to Want to Know If You’ve Been Alien-Abducted?

  1. Great post! On http://stopalienabductions.wordpress.com/ you will find more translated works by Corrado Malanga, feel free to reblog/post anything.

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