Hollywood Mind Control

This video is a spell-binding gem!  It’s almost almost 2 hours in length, and it’s fascinating all the way through!  It’s entitled, “Wash Your Brain – Hollywood Mind Control.”  The main narrators, Freeman and his wife, Jamie, do a wonderful job!  After watching this video, you will never look at Hollywood and the music industry in the same light, including your favorite cartoons and some well-known celebrities.  You lose some of your innocence and naivety.

If you’re new to this information, this is a jaw dropping, sober wake-up call.  If you have children, this will help you to provide better protection and guidance.  But, also, listen for the positive suggestions that Freeman and Jamie offer along the way regarding “the miraculous” and “your true divine purpose that’s always within you,” as well “nurturing each other,” “unconditional love” and “forgiveness.”

If you found this video interesting, share it with others.  Freeman’s website is Freeman TV.   The hosts of this video are at Wash Your Brain!, where you can find Part 2 of this Hollywood Mind Control video.

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2 Responses to Hollywood Mind Control

  1. dorica says:

    This is a MUST see video!! Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Menawa says:

    Yes, Freeman and Jamie did a wonderful job, as well as the hosts of WashYourBrain. I am very pleased to share it! I agree that it was a must-see video!

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