A Girl’s Message to All Christians

This video was forwarded to me by a friend, who comes from a strong Christian background.  Several of his family were and still are in Christian leadership roles.  He now wants nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity due to the extreme prejudice, hate and personal violation that he believes he grew up with and still experiences by “well-meaning” Christians.  My friend is a naturally loving and generous person, who now talks about Christianity and God with suspicion and absolute loathing.  After our many discussions, he recently sent this video to me to make his point.  However, his point is already known by some within the Christian religion… and by a large number of non-Christians around the globe.

The video my friend forwarded to me is of a young woman flashing small handwritten index cards at the computer camera.  In the meantime, you watch her various facial expressions and hear a related song in the background.  Her main point is, “It’s not my job to change you!” (as a Christian) but instead to love you.  How did so many Christians get off that main point?

This video is simple and poignant.  It’s amazingly well done and deserves online “viral” status.  See it for yourself!

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