Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

Information about the toxicity of artificial sweeteners has been out for many years now.  Yet these sweeteners are still being used today.  Some say that if the FDA gives their approval to artificial sweeteners, then they must be healthy.  Others recognize that there are real dangers, but — unless there is a change in diet from the usual processed foods (even in chewing gum) — artificial sweeteners are nearly impossible to avoid.

Below are two articles from NaturalNews.com, which address the science and history of artificial sweeteners, as well as healthy alternatives.

“Artificial Sweeteners are Continually Found to be Unsafe and Toxic”

“Artificial Sweetener Disease; a new breed of sickness”

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2 Responses to Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

  1. getPHYT says:

    Thanks for sharing those articles. I definitely try my best to avoid artificial sweeteners. But like you said, it’s nearly impossible to avoid.

    Please check out my post on sugar and added sugar http://getphyt.org/2011/11/15/suga-suga-suga/

    I’d love to hear what you think about it. 🙂

    getPHYT, Exercise Your Mind.

    • M. Menawa says:

      IMHO, our choice of food has a lot to do with family upbringing, habit, busy lifestyles and overall poor quality food available for sale. If we eat nutrient deficient food, we tend to grab other foods, like sugar, to try to give us the lift that we should be getting from nutrient dense food. Again, artificial (toxic) sweeteners are almost impossible to avoid in the usual processed foods. Therefore, eating un-processed foods is considered the best route, although preparing them is tough to schedule in our busy lives. We could cook ahead and freeze. We could juice. Or, we could purchase foods from natural and organic stores. Those stores tend to sell foods using natural sweeteners and organic products; but we still have to check the labels as a smart consumer, just as you mentioned in your post. Eating healthy certainly takes some work (personally, I’m “cheating” less and less); and, of course, there are different opinions about what “eating right” really means. My suggestion: Research and use best judgment about whatever is right for each of us. (BTW, that was a great photo you used to make your point about product contents!)

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