Do World Governments Allow Aliens to Abduct People?

The full title of this 2-part video is, “Do the world governments allow evil aliens to abduct people in exchange for secret technology?”  It starts by addressing the mass numbers of people missing across the globe each year, who are never found.

If these numbers are accurate, it seems amazing that the majority of us are totally unaware of — or simply don’t want to know about —  this alarming number of missing children and adults.  Perhaps one good reason for this is that this news is not getting much press, if any.  And, it’s commonly thought that, if something like this is not reported, then it can’t really be happening.  “They” would tell us, right?

This video also reports on alien history since 1954.  It speculates on possible world government and military involvement with aliens.  This “involvement” is an agreement and an arrangement to trade humans for alien technology.  In other words, world governments look the other way while aliens abduct humans for genetic and mind control experimentation — and other nefarious purposes — so that governments can benefit by advanced technology.  (A number of other sources report that governments actually assist and/or join the aliens in these endeavors.)  Said another way, humans are sacrificed to aliens by their own governments.  This information has actually been reported on for years now (with many interesting details), but it has been relegated to a status of either “underground” or “ridiculous.”

Some readers may think they’re hearing this for the first time.  However, information like this has been openly portrayed for decades now through “science fiction” movies, TV shows and books, which have offered much more of the real truth — albeit fantastic — than our public news and world governments ever have.  Allegedly, there has been a cover up of worldwide proportion led by superpower countries.

This video is by UnderCoverAlien.  Altogether it totals less than 20 minutes.  The “narrator” is a mechanical voice, which occasionally mispronounces words, such as Montauk.  Therefore, you’ll need to listen carefully and interpret correctly.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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