Psychopaths: 7 Most Common Myths

This is 2-part video on psychopathy by an undergraduate Canadian student, who is majoring in psychology and also works in a lab investigating psychopathy.  She gives a description of this personality disorder known as psychopathy, including history and statistics.  She may go a little fast for some, but she is personable and clear.  She is modest about her presentation, but she does an excellent job of presenting this clinical information.

(Her point about twins studies, though, is very brief and perhaps unclear on this video, so, if you’re interested, you may want to do more research on that.)

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One Response to Psychopaths: 7 Most Common Myths

  1. Ettina says:

    I wonder how much of the link between psychopathy and childhood abuse can be explained by having a psychopathic parent. If it’s a genetic thing, logically psychopaths are probably more likely to have a parent who was also a psychopath, and psychopathic parents are more likely to abuse their children.
    Also, maybe psychopathic traits in a child tend to bring out the worst in parents, because of parenting stress, and because of the common belief that if punishment isn’t working, the solution is to punish more severely. It could be that many parents get caught in a vicious cycle with a psychopathic child.

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