When is Honey NOT Honey?

For those of you who are honey connoisseurs, you probably know that honey (raw unfiltered) is an ancient superfood, which also has important healing properties and can even be used in beauty treatments.  You already know that not all honey is the same and that there is a difference between raw unfiltered vs. filtered, local vs. store,  clover vs. orange blossom, etc.

The basic assumption, though, is that honey is made by bees and and is 100% pure.   However, there is also adulterated (altered) honey and artificial “honey” (passed off as real when, in fact, it is not from bees at all).  Just because it’s sold in honey bear bottles, for example, doesn’t mean it’s 100% or “real.”  Just as with other foods, do your homework about honey and know what you’re really buying!

Here are two articles to help you make a more informed purchase:

“Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn’t Honey”

“How to Know if Honey is Pure”


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