History of Mind Control (History Channel)

Many people scoff at the idea that the US Government would secretly involve it’s citizenry as human guinea pigs for mind control experimentation and control.  Obviously, they have not been doing some simple research and are in denial.

The link below is to an important video by the History Channel entitled, “Mind Control:  America’s Secret War.”  This 43-minute video opens with disclosure of a 1951 top-secret CIA memo about “the need to explore ‘scientific methods for controlling the minds of individuals.'”  It then gives a history of mind control beginning in the middle ages to 2006 (the date of this video).  The video details how thousands upon thousands of innocent people in the US (and elsewhere) were subjected to unconscionable and horrific mind control experimentation.  These were conducted without the subjects’ consent… and sometimes without their knowledge.  It is conjectured that probably 99% of the subjects of CIA experimentation are still unaware of their involvement.  Much about these covert operations is still classified and, therefore, unknown.  As for the perpetrators, there have been little to no repercussions or apologies, as it was considered necessary research.

Here is a link to a more detailed synopsis of this video:

“Mind Control:  America’s Secret War
A History Channel Documentary”

Here is a link to the actual video, which is highly recommended:

“Mind Control:  America’s Secret War”

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