Stop Alien Abductions (and Demonic Interference)! – Updated

This post is for those of you who are struggling with alien abductions or demonic attacks… and don’t know who to talk with about it or where to go.  Maybe you don’t want to talk with your friends, family or religious leaders about what’s happening to you because you don’t think they’ll understand or want to hear about it.  Medical professionals will surely make an immediate psychiatric or mental health referral.  You already know not to talk with a psychiatric or mental health professional or else you’ll be labeled as delusional and then medicated (at the very least)!

Aliens and Demons Are the Same!

By the way, the title of this post mixes aliens and demons, which some, like Dr. Malanga, believe are one and the same.  Some of these interferences may appear as “demonic attacks” or “demonic possession.”  For the purposes of this post, all of these will be basically addressed under the label of “alien interferences” or “alien abductions.”

So, OK, let’s be candid!  Aliens (demons) are ALL around us — in our TV programs, movies, games, children’s toys, our skies, and ancient religious texts.  They’re mentioned more and more by public leaders and other well-known people.  The topic of “aliens” (demons) has become quite popular indeed!  It’s mainstream!  BUT, if you were to say that you’re being alien abducted or experiencing alien (demonic) interference, you risk being ridiculed, shunned and/or institutionalized!  Now, isn’t that an interesting contradiction!

Dr. Corrado Malanga

Dr. Corrado Malanga has been researching UFO’s and alien abductions for decades now.  Non-Italian speakers may not recognize him because Malanga is from Italy, and most of his work is in Italian.  He’s very well known in Italy; but, apparently, he’s virtually unknown in most other countries (for now).  Malanga makes a number of claims from his years of research, which he doesn’t care to debate.  Instead, he makes a conscious effort to spend his time educating and helping alien abductees (and those with interferences).  One of his associates is Dorica Manu, who actively assists him with his work.

Abductions and Interference

So, who are “alien abductees” anyway?  From Malanga’s research, 1% or maybe more of the population are being regularly abducted by aliens.  That’s 1 (or more) out of 100, of course, which — if you think about it — is quite a high number.  Most of these people don’t remember their experiences because, as has been quoted, if “they” are doing their job, you’re not supposed to remember.  But, some abductees DO remember; OR sometimes they begin to recover memories later in life.  (Again, even if you are experiencing “interference” but not abductions, some of this same information may still very well apply to you, too.)

By the way, for alien abductees, Malanga reports that you’re never abducted just once or twice.  Instead, you’re abducted on a regular basis over your lifetime… from birth, while alien interferences start in the womb.  And, if you’ve been abducted, then most likely it has also been happening to others in your immediate family, as well as in your parents’ immediate families, in their parents’ immediate families before that, and so on.  In other words, abductions are generational, just like alien (demon) interference.  And, if you’re experiencing interference, then you may also be having abductions that you cannot recall.

Is All of  This Just Craziness or Delusion?

Reported encounters with aliens (and demons) necessarily bring up the subject of the sane vs. the insane, the rational vs. the delusional, etc.   It’s the proverbial “elephant in the room.”  Of course, it’s assumed that, yes, some people may be having psychotic experiences rather than alien experiences.  But it is proposed here that others are sane and rational — that aliens are real, as are alien abductions, interferences and attacks.  The reality, though, can be confusing to abductees themselves, as well as to others, as alien abductions and interferences can and usually do involve crossovers from dimensions outside of our own.

Who are These Aliens (Demons)?

First of all, Malanga states unequivocally that NO aliens have our best interests in mind.  That must be very disappointing to alien-loving humans, who desire an opportunity for “contact” and hope that aliens will come to “save” us from ourselves.

Malanga further reports that aliens and demons are one and the same!  Well, that tends to be contrary to popular belief, eh?  That is simply outside the range of “acceptable” ideology for most people, including many religious leaders, who may openly talk about “demons” but absolutely can-not fathom an alien connection.  And, conversely, alien believers generally dismiss demons.

Well, take a couple of deep breaths, as surely the most controversial of all is Malanga’s reporting that we should yet add others to that same labeling of aliens / demons, such as “angels.”  In other words, aliens, demons and angels are ALL one and the same!   As Dorica writes, “angels” are aliens that appear to have good intentions.  Included in that same alien grouping are apparitions of the Virgin Mary, guardian angels and Christ.  (Of course, some of this could be Project Blue Beam sightings as well.)  Also, any channeling is very suspect.  At least some of these channeled messages come directly from aliens with alien agendas.  As Dorica states, some of these channelings exchange (confuse) “aliens” with “God” or “gods.”

(This posting does not report that aliens are evil — just that they do not have the best interest of humans.  In fact, aliens are quite diverse and are reported to be a mix of both evil and “diplomatic.”  There is a nagging concern, though, about the real intent and goals of any aliens toward the human race.  Also, this blogger does not imply in any way that you should quit praying to your spiritual source.  If you do pray, it is highly recommended that you make certain you have a direct and clear connection to true divine source.)

Where Can You Go for Help?

Just so you know, there ARE sympathetic professionals out there, who are aware of the reality of aliens.  However, they will be very difficult to find.  They are usually totally silent about their beliefs due to very real professional backlash.  Open disclosure could well end their careers (and income).  You see, it’s not time yet to disclose aliens, although we’re certainly being prepared as a world-wide population.

So, if you cannot get help from the usual “professionals,” then where can you go?  This can be a very time-sensitive issue, as alien-abductees (and recipients of interferences and actual attacks) usually question their own sanity anyway.  They may already have mental health-related issues, such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome), due to experiences they remember or even from repressed memories.   They may have health issues of different kinds related to this, such as stress and sleep deprivation.  Many of these people finally give up, accept the “crazy” label, and take the psych medications and treatment.  They may seek ways to become “numb” or just to sleep, which could include the use of drugs and alcohol.

Of course, many will fervently pray to God and religious or spiritual figures for assistance.  For those who cannot get relief by praying, some will discreetly seek an exorcism through religious leaders who have knowledge of this.  (The most well known are priests from the Catholic Church, but they are not the only ones.)  Others seek out alternative healers, like a shaman or a medicine man/woman for help.   However, there are perhaps a handful of people anywhere (outside of indigenous groups) who believe in these anomolous activities AND who know how to successfully help.  Of course, there are also a number of charlatans, as well as well-meaning people, who don’t know what-the-heck they’re doing.  Maybe you’ve been through this yourself.  If so, how thorough was the “healing” or “exorcism” that you received?  In other words, was it complete and permanent?  If not, how long did it last?  Or, did you actually walk away worse than when you started?

Dr. Malanga offers assistance to those who want to be free from alien abductions (and interference).  He offers it at NO CHARGE through his website.  The “treatment” itself involves visualization processes, which are known as Self Induced Method for Blocking Aliens Definitively (SIMBAD) and Flash Mental Simulation (FMS).  You do one or the other — not both.  Both are effective, but one may be more effective for you than the other.  With SIMBAD, you can learn it on your own in order to heal yourself!  On the other hand, FMS is only to be done with guidance, which you can get through Dr. Malanga or Dorica Manu.  Neither of these are necessarily easy processes, especially if visualization is new to you and/or if you’re feeling stressed and depressed about your situation.  Also, both of them are understandably more effective if you have someone help guide you through the visualization process, at least at the beginning.  Again, FMS is never to be done without guidance.   Guidance with SIMBAD is highly recommended.

Please know that Malanga and Dorica offer assistance to people in their spare time outside of their normal work and personal life.  If you are interested in their assistance — and when they are available — you do not have to travel to Italy.  Sessions can be done over your computer through Skype.  You do, though, first need to take a simple test, which you can find online and then e-mail to evaluate whether or not alien abduction or interference actually applies to you.

Malanga’s process has given a number of people relief.  Some report total release from alien abductions after suffering many years with these problems.

Caveats About Successful Treatment

There is, though, a important caveat about the success of this “treatment.”  To be very honest, some people don’t want to be released from their own “captors” or attackers.  This is usually referred to as the Stockholm Syndrome.  These people feel they need or want the attention of these aliens (demons).  Perhaps the aliens (demons) make them feel special or less lonely.  Or perhaps the situation is something to which they’ve become accustomed or expect and which they don’t really want to change.  Perhaps there are issues of poor self-esteem or powerlessness, such as people experience after being abused and battered for years… because let’s be very clear that this is indeed an abusive, parasitic and predatory relationship!  By the way, the people described in this paragraph are probably not seeking help or reading this post.

There are others, though, who want help but may have more difficulty than the majority with getting a quick resolution.  These people have experienced mind control sometime in their life, which has resulted in multiple personalities or dissociative states.  This was known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) but is now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).  They people will probably not even realize they have this issue, as they’ve been split in ways that were intended to keep them from both knowing and healing.  If you’re wondering if this could apply to you, one clue may be that you come from a family connected to secret societies or cults.  (NOTE:  You might do some research about the connection between secret societies and aliens/demons, which sounds rather bizarre… at first.  This connection is the ultimate reason for the secrecy of these groups.)  However, if you are someone who has experienced mind control and has MPD / DID, stopping alien abductions and/or demonic attacks may still be possible, even if it takes a little longer.  You may also want to (very carefully) reach out to get help with the other aspects of your healing, too.  Do at least most of your own research on all of this, and take proactive steps to keep yourself safe.  Your strong desire, attention and persistent work on your own healing is paramount.

More Information

In summary, if what you’ve been trying hasn’t been working, you might look into Dr. Malanga’s approach.  The general website for this information is:

For information about the FMS approach specifically:

For the SIMBAD approach specifically:

For the Self-Assessment Test (to assess if you’ve really been alien-abducted; e-mail your completed SAT for evaluation):

For articles, see:

Dr. Malanga’s website (in Italian) is at:

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3 Responses to Stop Alien Abductions (and Demonic Interference)! – Updated

  1. Just came by to say hello from Finland!
    I’m an ex- abductee. Malanga’s SIMBAD guided by Dorica made me free. So thank you for sharing this valuable information for people who are ready to receive it. My best for you!

  2. M. Menawa says:

    Thank you! It’s my pleasure to hear from you!
    Malanga’s processes (with Dorica’s patient and skilled guidance) is a remarkable service! This posting is an effort to try to help those who are desperately seeking answers.

  3. For information on stopping aliens who are real physical creatures, see The thought screen helmet demonstrates that aliens are real physical creatures, not demonds.

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