Symbolic Photos – Mind Control, the Illuminati and the Occult

This article is fresh from Vigilant Citizen, which just exposed a fresh collection of photos published for public consumption.  The photos are symbolic of mind control, the occult, and the Illuminati.  They are from different magazines.  Some are brutal, while others depict symbology, such as the one-eyed Eye of Horus, dehumanization, and pentagrams.

Perhaps the photos are being pushed and mainstreamed to influence us and to lower our tolerance of what is acceptable.  Most likely their intent is also to send hidden messages to those in the (secret) know of things.

The purpose of posting the article on this blog website is to make you aware, as this has become progressively prevalent in our mass media.  The question is why.  Some say there’s a definite agenda that’s been planned and has been unfolding for a long while now.

WARNING:  Check this out only if you are willing and able to tolerate graphic photos, especially at the beginning of the article where the photos show scenes of torture and violence consistent with some mind control techniques.  There’s also one bloody photo of a celebrity being punched in the face.

“Symbolic Pics of the Month (04/12)”

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