Vampires of the Energy Kind

For many years vampires have been portrayed in books and movies as dark beings, who are erotic in a forbidding sort of way.  We have been warned that vampires are to be feared and driven away from good people.  But, the image of vampires has been updated; and today they are more popular than ever!  They are glamorized and embraced through TV, movies, books and products.   These days, they’re not considered “dark” as much as “different” and “misunderstood.”  And, they’re openly sexy and exciting, too!  The Hollywood machine and mass media have now created a large population of young, willing “partners,” who crave and even seek vampiric encounters.  But, why are vampires being glamorized and pushed so hard into the public mindset these days?


Most of us think of vampires as people-like creatures, who drink the blood of humans.  Actually, there are blood-drinking vampires, who gain a critical energy boost from fresh plasma, as well as from energy.  A full description of vampires is very old.  Part of the story even has an alien and “other-dimension” twist. Some vampires are considered humans, while others are labeled as alien entities, “starseed” alien hybrids, or Illuminati bloodlines.  By ongoing historical reports, vampires victimize large numbers of unwilling humans for both human blood and energy.  Some say that even the energy created during sex is gathered by the entities from other dimensions.  For these vampires entities from outside our dimension, our energy is very precious indeed — like gold is to us!

Vampires who drink energy (rather than blood) are the most common type.  These energy or “psychic” vampires are all around us.  In fact, you may be one of the human vampires and not even realize it.  Some “psy vamps” are innocently vampirizing without understanding what they’re doing.  Other vampires know exactly who and what they are.

Vampires come from all levels of society.   You can expect “talented” psy vamps to be disarmingly friendly or even charming.  Vampires tend to be very good at gaining the trust of others.  Therefore, they will most likely be considered trustworthy and may actually be in a profession commonly considered “trustworthy.”  They may be attractive or “clean cut” looking.

Identifying a vampire can be very difficult, if not impossible, especially prior to the vampirism.  The attack could start with the vampire creating some sort of intense emotional response in a person or group of people.  However, sometimes the vampire just calmly stands or sits next to a victim.  The vampire could be that “small, frail elderly” person sitting in the seat next to you at a movie theater.  He or she could be a volunteer, who eagerly offers to sit with ill and dying patients.   Perhaps it wasn’t the flu that you suddenly came down with… but instead that client, customer or patient you just met with.  Maybe it was the spiritual leader, who put a hand on your shoulder or held your hand for a while as he or she “prayed” with you.  You will know if you’ve been vampirized by how you feel immediately afterwards, IF you are alert and pay attention to the true source.

Some think of vampirism as a natural ability that a large percentage of us have… and sometimes utilize, consciously or subconsciously.  But, remember, there are also people out there who willingly give their energy to others in a loving way.  Not everyone takes.

For many of you, all of this probably seems like a total stretch of the imagination.  But, some of you already know about this first hand as the vampire, the victim or in both roles.


Don’t be fooled by the limited New Age definition that an energy vampire is only someone who gets in your face to frustrate and exhaust you and thus vampirize you.  It is a true that some psychopathic vampires create chaos and havoc with individuals or large groups of people and then pull energy from the super-charged environment around them.  However, that description doesn’t go far enough.

Other than from the “air,” psychic vampires syphon life force energy, such as from family members, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, strangers, and pets, as well as from other living things and forms of energy.   To do this, they literally send out astral tentacles or tendrils to suck the energy around them.  Some vampires are extremely talented and quick at extracting large amounts of energy in relatively short periods of time.

By the way, the depictions of a vampire leaning over someone’s mouth and literally sucking the energy from the victim’s mouth into themselves is, well… true.  It sounds like just a Hollywood image, but that’s also another method of vampirism.


The vampires among us will vampirize anything with energy.  However, they are automatically attracted to those people who exude an extremely high level of energy, such as young children, teenagers and some animals.  Some say athletes are also on this same list.

The vampiric method of leaning over someone’s mouth is usually done to helpless victims who cannot stop the attack, for whatever reason.  Helpless victims include infants, young sleeping children, the sick and dying, substance abusers and pets.

For victims of vampire attacks, the depletion of energy may be subtle and undetectable.  On the other hand, following an extreme attack, the victim’s body may actually fall into a heap of overwhelming physical exhaustion.  The resulting energy depletion can last for a couple of hours or so from one attack and then take day or more to fully recover.  Serial attacks can result in serious health damage.

Some victims are able to perceive (“see” or feel) vampiric tentacles that attack their auras (life force), while most other victims do not.  They may pull away with anxiety and fear, such children and animals, who can sense the vampire’s attack fairly quickly because they are in closer touch with their intuition.  Interestingly, they may also share their excess energy.  Some people and animals are very willingly to exchange their energy for the vampirizing love or need of another person.  There are even people who actively partner with vampires to offer their energy (or blood) to them.


Now that you have this awareness of vampires, do not waste your time on fear or panic.  Again, psychic vampires are all around us; and energy vampirism is very common.  So there’s no need to suddenly become paranoid about those around you!  Just be aware of energy vampires — many of whom are very well-meaning — and learn self-protection.  Your good health depends on learning effective psychic self-defense!  It is possible to hone your awareness to sense attacks as they happen and to stop them.  Better yet, develop and maintain on-going self-protection.

Some of you are naturally good at psychic self-protection.  You already do it automatically.  Others of you are like strong magnets attracting these vampires.  There are methods of protection that you can learn.  However, they are purposely left out of this post.  If you are interested, you will need to investigate the best method(s) of protection for yourself, as different people have different belief systems and different levels of ability.  Therefore, you will feel more comfortable with certain methods of protection over others.  If you’re new at this and seeking information — inside or outside of your spiritual faith — you’ll probably have to wade through a certain amount of information and disinformation that’s out there.  Give yourself time and permission to experiment with what works best for you.


Below is a short video clip of this very real phenomenon.  It has some good information.  An interesting point is its mention of a year-long study into this area by the U.S. Army.  However, the video also glamorizes vampirism to some extent.  For example, the video starts with the camera exploring the concept of vampires by showing a sensual vampiric encounter between two women.  (If you look, you will see devil horns 2-3 times in this video.)  In particular, note the comment by a self-professed vampire, who smiles and relates how some victims “spontaneously fall into organism,” “pass out” or “have seizure-like behavior” after being vampirized.  A comment like that tends to imply that victims (or willing partners) can’t help but swoon after being vampirized.  Unfortunately, this video will probably make vampirism look attractive to some.

Just for the sake of clarity, there is a huge difference between the two extremes of a conscious, predatory vampire versus one who is seeking consensual partnerships or exchanges.  And, by the way, who decides what is “excess life force” to be vampirized — the vampire or the victim to whom the energy belongs?  Only a few vampires live by the vampire code of ethics, which is to ask your permission first before vampirizing you.  (Yes, there really is a vampire code of ethics… for people who know they’re vampires, know about the code and care to follow ethical standards.)

Also, a victim (or willing partner) might appear to be having an orgasmic experience after vampirism when, in reality, that’s a “take down” (serious depletion) of a person’s sacred energy.  Some victims will recover fairly quickly, whereas others will not.  Vampirism (like rape) is a violation of others, which is NOT sexy or welcoming… unless, of course, the “victims” are not really victims at all but instead willing and informed partners.  How often do you think that happens?

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