Treatments for Nuclear Contamination

As only a small percentage of the population may be aware, nuclear fallout from Fukushima has been vastly underreported from the start and continues to be underreported.  There are a few who initially reported on it as whistleblowers and continue to do so.  One outspoken reporter on the Fukushima nuclear situation has been Dr. Mark Sircus, who also offers treatment suggestions (as well as preventative measures) regarding nuclear contamination of people’s bodies.

Dr. Sircus lives in Brazil and practices natural allopathic medicine.  He’s not the regular medical doctor most of us think about.  Instead, he offers basic information about health and nutrition that perhaps our grandparents and great-grandparents were more acquainted with… only he updates it for the health and nutritional crises in today’s world.  He writes hard hitting articles about health-related topics that most will not report on at all.   At times, he writes very passionate blogs.  One of his special interests has been the Fukushima nuclear accident and resulting health issues.  This is a blog about him from the website of the Department of Nuclear Engineering, University of California, Berkeley posted June 2011.

If you are looking for ideas regarding prevention and treatments for nuclear contaminates, you might check Dr. Sircus’ website or conduct an Internet search for articles by him.  For example, in one of his blogs, he wrote about “Treatments for Nuclear Contamination” (March 2011).  In another blog that same month, he addressed “Iodine Treatments for Radiation Exposure” with Dr. David Brownstein.  In another, Dr. Sircus addressed “Water Purification of Radiative Particles” (July 2011).  Dr. Sircus has since written a book on this topic entitled, NUCLEAR TOXITY SYNDROME: Treatments for Nuclear and Chemical Nightmares.

Dr. Sircus’ website can be found at IMVA – International Medical Veritas Association.  He has several specialities, including cardiology, diabetes and cancer.  He has different books for purchase, which are intended to help people become more knowledge about how to manage their own health.  Dr. Sircus is also available for distance consultations.

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