Obey, Consume, Conform!

This is a recommendation of THEY LIVE, a 1988 scifi / horror / dark comedy movie by John Carpenter.  It is a B-rated, action-packed movie with cult status.  It’s about the world we find ourselves in today — complete with aliens, high unemployment, subliminal messages, dumbing down of the population, conspicuous consumerism, and tampering of the environment.  It includes alien agenda, the whistleblowers, human sell-outs and more.

OK, so no alien looks the way they’re portrayed in this movie.  But, what could John Carpenter do about portraying “aliens” when there are actually numerous alien species  on this planet?  (Of course, aliens are not all from our same dimension either.)  And, although there is admittedly “eye candy” for some throughout the movie, in places it may seem slow.  Along the way, there’s some male gratuitous fighting that goes on a little long for a few of us…  (By the way, the fight scene is rated #7 out of “The 20 Best Fight Scenes Ever” by Rotten Tomatoes.  It’s #12 out of “The 30 Best Fight Scenes in Movie History” by PasteMagazine.com.)

Altogether, this movie is a classic!  It is fun and entertaining!  It has a core of truth about it that we’re not getting anywhere through our regular news.  THEY LIVE is highly recommended!

Here is a clip (5:40 min) that hits one of the main points:

By the way, did you notice the black-and-white versus color scenes in this clip?  This is reminiscent of the original Wizard of Oz movie, which has been used for mind control purposes, along with the Oz book collection.  In the movie, Dorothy’s real world (family and home) is shown in black and white, which is much less exciting as the colorful world of fantasy and adventure (mind control) that she found herself in.

If you’re interested in seeing the entire movie (1-1/2 hours), this is one Internet site (Google) that offers it free.  Sit back and enjoy!


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