Illuminati and Occult Symbology

This is a highly recommended 2-part video of a conversation between Texe Marrs and Freeman (of Freeman Perspective).  The focus is on Marr’s book, CODEX MAGICA, which addresses Illuminati and occult symbolism.  Marrs and Freeman have a lively, fast-paced, and friendly conversation about hundreds of photos related to politics, banking, religion, and the entertainment business.

As background, Texe Marrs is a Christian, who very briefly offers his Christian perspective on occasion.  Also, much of the video’s discussion relates directly to the US.  Regardless of your spiritual perspective and your location, this is a fascinating and informative video.  It will be eye opening and shocking to some!  If you are live in the US, you are guaranteed to learn information that you never knew!  If you are outside of the US, you will learn about symbology that affects you as well.  This is indeed a “small world” where there tends to be a striking similarity in symbology through mass media, products, politicians and secret societies.

Part 1 (one hour):

Part 2 (one hour)

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