Eliminate Fluoride, Other Toxins, and Parasites – from Your Water and Your Body

If you are concerned about toxins and parasites in your water or in your body, this posting addresses a few things you can do to possibly protect yourself or to eliminate them.  This includes protection from or elimination of heavy metals, fluoride and bacteria.  These methods are fairly simple and easy to do.

One method, of course, is to filter the water you drink and with which you cook.  Not all water filtration systems are alike, so you will need to do your homework on which filtration system(s) is best for you.  Most do NOT filter out fluoride, which you may want to consider as well.  Systems that filter a high level of toxins (including fluoride), bacteria and parasites are going to be more expensive than entry-level systems.  However, in the end, the extra cost should easily prove to be cost efficient through your overall better health and well being.

Additionally, it never hurts to know how to filter water in emergency situations.  It’s smart to have back-up plans for a variety of emergency scenarios.  You cannot go long without drinking water  (3 days or so)!  These emergency plans will probably take some research and thought.

All water from water fountains, water coolers and bottled water is expected to be unfiltered and contain toxins and fluoride.  So, consider taking your filtered water with you when you leave home.  You can also purchase on-the-go, portable filtration systems.  (By the way, reportedly, it’s possible to purchase a portable filtration system for filtering out radiation.)

When you shower or bath with unfiltered water, toxic chemicals and heavy metals (as well as parasites!) in the water can easily get into your body through your body’s largest organ — your skin.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that you purchase a special shower head or tub faucet head with a filter.  You should be able to find a filter that reduces fluoride as well.  If you cannot find a suitable filter for your tub faucet, a filtered shower head can be used to fill a tub.

Of course, an obvious way to avoid fluoride is to check the contents of the toothpaste you purchase and to only use non-fluoridated toothpaste.  The clear majority of toothpaste products have fluoride, so you may have to make a special trip to a health store or purchase your toothpaste online in order to find a non-fluoridated brand.  An alternative is to make your own toothpaste, which usually contains baking soda.  However, research homemade toothpaste formulas carefully, especially for the health of your enamel.  For example, some say you should use salt in your formula, while others warn against using salt due to its alleged abrasiveness on tooth enamel.

Once fluoride is in your body, one way to eliminate that and other toxins is to supplement with iodine, per the recommendation of Dr. Mark Sircus.  He reports iodine supplementation has health benefits beyond just the elimination of fluoride.  However, he makes specific recommendations for the types of iodine to be used, as well as the methods for using them.  More information can be found in his article, “Iodine Protects Fluoride Toxicity.”

Here’s another article about “How to Detox Fluorides from Your Body,” which is from NaturalNews.com.  It lists iodine and more.

Lastly, there are those who believe in the practice of regularly detoxifying their bodies in order to eliminate toxins and parasites.  Cleaning the colon is considered a basic and necessary detox, which flushes the internal plumbing that runs through the middle of the body.  There are other important organs to detox as well, such as the liver, gallbladder and kidney.  There are a variety of different ideas about the best way to detox these organs.  For example, you might drink hot lemon water first thing in the morning for your colon.  Regardless, detoxification of the body is recommended on a regular basis.

Interestingly, there are a number of people who believe in detoxing their body through drinking or eating edible (food grade) clay, which is to help eliminate heavy metals, toxic chemicals (like fluoride) and parasites.  Indigenous groups have been regularly ingesting “healing clay” since before recorded history.  One example of edible clay is bentonite.  For your convenience, you can purchase liquid bentonite through your health store.  You can use bentonite powder to make a paste and put it on your body.  You can also tub-soak in powdered bentonite clay.  Apple cider is commonly used to make the bentonite paste and also put in the bentonite tub water.

These are just a few quick ideas for prevention and detoxification from fluoride, other toxins and parasites.  You probably already know about these and others, too.   You can research for more ideas.  This blogger recommends simple, non-complicated products and approaches.  Additionally, it’s recommended that you explore only one or two new methods at a time in order to track the effectiveness of each and to double-check that it is correct for you.

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