Conference on Aliens Sponsored by the Vatican

This TV news item followed a 5-day conference sponsored by the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences in November 2009, which was about the possible existence of aliens.  This was essentially a public statement from the Vatican that aliens might be real.  (Since then it has become more “they are real.”)

So, what do you think this unusual interview was about?  In other words, what was the purpose of this news item, as well as other statements similar to this that have been slowly coming from all over the world?  Well, here’s a combination of conspiracy and alien theories that you can hear out there.

First of all, the reality of aliens just couldn’t have been news to the Vatican!  Yes, of course, there are aliens!  Aliens have always been here!  This conference was the Vatican’s way to start leaking the news to the public!  Aliens are and have been working jointly with some of our governments for at least several decades now.  It’s unknown how many hundreds or thousands of years they have been working with religious groups (like the Vatican), secret societies (such as Freemasons), other groups and individuals.   So, yes, there are aliens residing in other galaxies and dimensions.  Sometimes they visit this planet and can be seen in the skies above our planet, too.  But, they are also on this planet — in this dimension and otherwise.

As for non-alien sightings in our skies, governments have had “alien” space craft for a long time now — either “back-engineered” or, most likely, technology taught to them by aliens.  Therefore, some of the “alien sightings” are from our own governments.   Also, reportedly, some of the recent “alien sightings” — in skies all over the world — aren’t “real” at all but are Project Blue Beam (technologically manufactured holographic) sightings.

For so long, there has been public denial about aliens — to the extent that believers were silenced by being labeled as lunatics and delusional.  However, the situation has been slowly turning around.  We are currently at that odd in-between place where some people continue to talk with certainty about the existence of aliens, while aliens are still being publicly denied.  There is, though, a planned unveiling of alien existence to the yet unaware, naive humans, which has a schedule.

In the meantime, there have been attempts to instill fear of some aliens, as opposed to affection for other aliens.  Perhaps there will be a fake alien invasion, as a few report — with good alien / bad alien.  If so, some people point to this happening at the end of 2012, which is being purposely propaganized in the public mind as “Doomsday.”  This scenario of an upcoming planetary “end date” is already causing anxiety and expectation in many people.  Combine that with  dulled thinking — from medications, fluoridated water, TV, music, school education, debt and other distractions — which naturally causes people to be more pliable and open to control.  These “Doomsday” events are intended to be the final push of a huge, long-planned change on this planet:  One World Order and One World Religion.

Prior to these major worldwide events, humans are continuing to be prepared for this unfolding, as many still don’t believe in aliens.  This awareness of aliens has been slowly escalating for decades through our movies, books, and retail products.   Now hints and affirmations of aliens are sporadically coming from media and respected, influential leaders from all over the world.  It is coming from Doomsday scenarios through movies and books.  Doomsday is also being pushed to the public through “emergency preparedness” campaigns and the sale of underground bunkers.

As you might expect, aliens and their human partners need a controlled take-over — in other words, without too much mass hysteria and messy chaos.  Therefore, they’re watching people’s reactions as they slowly leak information leading up to a fake alien invasion or other world events.  They are reportedly planning a “savior” situation, one which people can tolerate and agree to follow.  The goal is that the people of the world will loudly demand the same answers that are being planned anyway.

Aliens desire better control on this planet.  Under one unified leadership and one unified religion, they can move forward to the next phase of the plan.  It will be interesting, though, to see if extraterrestrial aliens become visible, recognized leaders of groups, such as the United Nations.  If all of this is true and does indeed evolve, we’ll see if  there is wide acceptance of alien leadership when they finally come out in the open.

Again, this is just a combination of conspiracy and alien theories that you hear out there…

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