Alien Gods in the Bible

An earth-shattering book was recently released (December 2011), which is a translation of the Bible and describes alien gods.  The book is entitled, The Book That Will Forever Change Our Idea About The Bible – The Gods Coming from Space.   The author, Mauro Biglino, is a former translator for the Vatican.  Biglino is reported to have the highest of credentials and an impeccable reputation for his translations.  Here is a brief introduction to the author and his book.

If you’re interested in viewing videos by Biglino about this book, they are on his website here, as well as linked below.  Note that all the videos are in Italian.  So, if you speak English, be sure to click on the CC at the bottom right to view English subtitles.

1.  The Introduction (1:51 min.)

2.  Alien’s Children? (4:15 min.)
3.  God’s Glory or Flying Chariot (6:02 min.)
4.  The Elohim and the Smell of Grilled Meat (6:45 min.)
5.  The Eden Mess 1 (4:12 min.)
6.  The Eden Mess 2 (5:35 min.)
7.  The Book That Will Forever Change Our Ideas About the Bible (1:27 min.)

If you’re interested in hearing more, an online radio station, Project White Paper, just broadcast a 2-hour radio discussion about Biglino and the book.  If you’re a facebook user, you can check the book’s facebook page for ongoing information.

The Alien God of the Bible is Biglino’s most recent book.  He has published other books, too.  They are Resurrection Reincarnation and The Roman Catholic Church and Freemasonry.  Unfortunately for many of us, these are in Italian and have not yet been translated into English.

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