USA’s Roots – Freemasonry, the Occult and Aliens

Freemasonry plays an integral role in the foundation of the United States of America.  If you want to know more about the Masonic origins of the US capital, this article entitled, “Mystical Sites – U.S. Capitol,” gives some interesting clues.  It points to occult numerology and principals, occult architecture, paganism, alchemy and Egyptian symbolism.  The article ends with a statue of Washington as Zeus, pagan god, as well as a reference to Baphomet.

You can see Freemasonry symbolism in the painting below of George Washington, first Presidentof the US, “Father of Our Country “(US) and a Freemason.  (Actually, there were several US Presidents before Washington; but he is officially acknowledged as the first.)  The symbols of Freemasonry are on and all around Washington in this painting.  However, notice the anomalous aspect at the back of the painting — a UFO.   The following video discusses this mystery.

Note that this painting — everything about which appears to be Freemasonry — includes an alien craft.  Although it is rather obscured in the background, this painting implies that there is a direct relationship between Freemasonry beliefs and aliens. The Freemasons are an interesting group, eh?  But, this secret society is not limited to the US.  Freemasonry exists around the globe and is very active.

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