US Prepares for Alien Invasion

Are you aware of the global preparations to detect an alien invasion, which are being led by the US Government?  If you do not live in Australia, then you probably did not see the recent Australian TV news interview, “Alien Invasion: Strategies for Surviving an Attack.”  The interview was with Paul Springer of the US Air Command & Staff College, who talked about the reasons the US is officially preparing for a hostile alien invasion.  These preparations apparently involve a large number of other countries through the international SKA (Square Kilometre Array) mega telescope project.

The Australian TV interview is embedded in the video below by  This video suggests an unfolding conspiracy referred to as the False Flag Operation.  The author of the video makes some interesting statements.

For more information, check this earlier video.  It has a very brief repetition of the video above but goes into more details.  This is worth seeing, especially for the straightforward, startling claims it makes.

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