Nuclear Industry: “Atomic Suicide” & “Hanging by a Thread”

In his recent blog, “Atomic Suicide,” Dr. Mark Sircus wrote that the public continues to be lied to about the Fukushima accident and its deadly impact around the world.  Here are some quotes from this posting:

“What is happening in northern Japan and the radiation contamination in the United States and Europe, which has rained down since March 11th of 2011, is staggering and beyond most peoples’ capacity to comprehend.”

“Fukushima has enough plutonium to kill every man, woman and child on our planet if it all gets out.”

“Fortunately the more educated and more open-minded people these days are learning how to defend their bodies against radiation damage…”

In another blog just out, “Hanging by a Thread,” Sircus gives more information.  Both blogs reflect his deep level of caring concern for people and this planet.  In case you think of these blogs as just “ranting and raving,” you might research the individuals he references in his article, such as Arnie Gundersen.  Gundersen is mentioned in an earlier posting, “Fukushima Update,” on this blog website.  You can also keep an eye on his Fairewinds Energy Education Corp website.  Also, check out an earlier posting on this website about Dr. Helen Caldicott, who has made similar, passionate statements as Dr. Sircus.  Or, check out her website.  Then consider what intelligent measures you might want to take for your health and the health of your family.

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