Fukushima Fallout in the US – Infant Deaths and Plant Mutations

The Fukushima accident happened in March 2011 — over a year ago.  Although it was not widely reported, nuclear fallout hit the US and Canada in less than a week.  A handful of “whistle blowers” predicted about a year ago that this nuclear accident was going to be much bigger than Chernobyl and with much more serious repercussions.

One of the news reports that followed rather quickly (and quietly) was the increase in deaths in the US, particularly infant mortality, which some immediately tied to the fallout.  Here are a just couple of those articles, the first of which came out about 3 months after the Fukushima accident:

“FOX: Is Japan Nuclear Radiation Killing Babies In Philadelphia? Infant Death Rate Spikes 48 Percent Since Radiation Detected In Drinking Water”

“Study: US Deaths Tied to Fukushima Disaster Fallout”

If you do your own research, you will find that different numbers of deaths are reported.  Noticeably, information from some high-profile US governmental sources has been missing.

Interestingly, below is recent news about mutated plant life from the State of Michigan in the US.



Of course, there is more that continues to be hidden from us, such as diminished quality of water and food.  Most people still seem to be oblivious that the Fukushima accident has affected the world as we know it.  (Perhaps many just don’t want to know the bad news anyway.)  It’s assumed that the reason for this obvious cover-up is to slow panic and chaos, as well as to keep the overall economic damage to a minimum (for the benefit of those in the know).  In the meantime, more lives will be lost or severely crippled that could possibly have been saved if the situation had been made public or preventative measures put in place.

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