Freemasonry: 360 Degrees

Freemasonry is closely tied to the Illuminati, to say the least.  Masonic lodges and memberships can be found around the world.  Members are politicians, government officials, religious officials, bankers and others.  Membership necessarily includes people from all walks of life, which is important for this secret society’s agenda.  Within the organization, members are ranked by degree.  Most people (even the majority of members) believe the top level is 32nd or 33rd degree.  However, there are reported to be much higher levels — up to 360 degrees!

The following two videos give some basic information about Freemasonry, most specifically about these higher degrees.  The first video is by Alex Jones, where he offers his perspective on some of the history and basic facts about Freemasonry.  He gives a quick overview.  The relevant part of this video is only in the first 3:50 minutes.

This next video is from an Alex Watt radio program, in which Watt offers more detailed history and political perspective, including conspiracy and the warning about being your own champion.  The photos are a very nice addition to the audio.  This video is recommended!

If you are new to Freemasonry, you may want to do more research.  Because this is a “secret” organization, you will need to research to find information and to then discern truth from all the disinformation.

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