Subliminal Mind Control

Subliminal mind control sounds like the stuff of science fiction.  However, it appears that nearly all of us are mind controlled now — or shortly will be (across the entire globe) — by highly sophisticated means, one of which is through “subliminal mind control.”  Some people are being specifically targeted and stalked through subliminal mind control.  All of this is by methods and equipment that the majority don’t even know exists.

Below are a couple of videos on subliminal mind control.  Both videos are by the same person.  The first explains how “silent sound” (subliminal) mind control works.  This video will especially appeal to those of you who are techies and electrically inclined.

The second video is electronic with a digitized voice.  Its provides a chilling account of how this technology is reportedly being used.  It’s an excellent video!

Although the narrator reports in the first video above that “there is no conscious defense possible against this silent sound hypnosis,” this blogger is not convinced and recommends that you continue to investigate your options.  If you are being actively targeted, then what choice do you have but to continue to try to stay positive while looking for options.

For more information, check out the online booklet, “Organized Stalking: A Target’s View” by Eleanor White.

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