Vaccinations: History of Fraud?

Vaccines are being touted all over the world as prevention for disease.   Many people feel privileged to have vaccines available to them.  These are the people, who will push to the front of a line to be vaccinated whenever it’s either suggested or recommended.  Others don’t want to be vaccinated for a number of reasons but are being forced or required to vaccinate.  For example, some schools require vaccinations of their students.  Some medical facilities require them of their employees in order to keep their jobs.  In Africa, children have been forced by gunpoint.  And, you may know of other situations.  But, aren’t vaccines safe and necessary — for us as individuals and to protect those we come into contact with?

The use of vaccinations has been a controversial topic for many years now.  Information can easily be found about the benefits and the safety of vaccinations.  It seems overwhelming that vaccination is the only smart choice.  However, there is another side to this story.  An article by writes about the history of fraud behind our vaccines.  This is one many articles NaturalNews.come has written about vaccines, along with what they deem as other unsafe and unethical medical practices.  This article is worth a read, especially if you are trying to decide whether or not to be vaccinated (or have your children or elderly parents vaccinated).  Look at the bottom of this article for other, related articles.

This same website contains a video entitled, “Vaccines, the Deadly Cure.”  Here is a frightening online article about the content of vaccinations.  All of these are examples of the information you don’t normally see or hear about regarding this common medical practice.

Truth be known, some physicians and other medical staff quietly refuse to take required vaccinations themselves because they know well the content of the vaccinations.  By “quietly refusing,” I mean that there are some who will actually falsify their own records, if needed, to reflect that they’ve had the vaccination(s) when they have not.  To be quite candid, these medical personnel cannot be open and honest about a personal stand on non-vaccination without losing their jobs or otherwise being targeted by the medical profession (pharmaceutical companies).  At the same time, the same medical personnel advertise vaccinations to the public and give them to those patients who want them.  This provides a “cover” of sorts for the medical people, as well as a paid service for consumers who demand vaccinations.

Making a well-informed decision about vaccinations is important.  But, it’s especially important if you have or expect a baby, as there are greater and greater efforts to require vaccinations of young children — and more of these vaccinations — starting from infancy.

It’s recommended that you research and consider both sides of this story.

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