Music Video with Reptilian Theme

For those interested in aliens, there’s a unique music video, “ET,” by Katy Perry (with Kanye West), just in case you haven’t already seen it.  It’s a very well-done video, which came out in March 2011.  It’s creative and colorful with amazing costumes, make up and camera work.  The music is so catchy that it sticks in your head for days or weeks.  (And that’s not always a good thing.)  This music video garnered accolades.  It also drew the attention of those very aware of the reality of aliens. 

Humans Who Have Encountered Aliens

And who are those with personal knowledge of aliens?  It’s been estimated that 1-2% or so of the population are alien abducted (which, by the way, is a heck of a lot of people).  Of course, humans are not supposed to remember their alien abductions; but a few do remember… or eventually remember.  It’s not certain how many others have had alien encounters (outside of alien abductions), but those people surely include government intelligence personnel and military.  All of these people comprise a relatively small minority.

So, if you’re one of those who has had alien encounters, you probably took a couple of serious looks at this video.  If you are an abductee,  you probably recoiled upon seeing the video.  In fact, even if you can’t consciously recall an alien abduction or encounter you’ve had, experiencing this video as “disturbing” or “creepy” may be a tip off that you’ve been alien abducted at some point (and probably still are).  However, to those who can actually recall memories of alien abductions with Grays and/or Reptilians, this video will probably bring stinging tears to their eyes.  Other descriptions that immediately come to mind include numbing shock, horror, terror, fear, panic, paralysis, feelings of helplessness, rapid heart beat, hyperventilation, an altered (fugue) state of consciousness, and pain in certain parts of the body.  You know, an onslaught of PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome) kinds of reactions for those re-living their abduction experiences.  These reactions might eventually give way to overwhelming anger and even rage.

Examining the Music Video, “ET”

Regardless of your experiences or your beliefs, let’s take a look at this music video, “ET,” for the alien angle.  To start, here is the video that most people see.  (It’s suggested you enlarge the video to full screen.)  Note the shape shifting body, the “Gray” alien, the Reptilian eyes and the snake-like facial make-up at the end.  There’s also a transhumanism aspect.

Now, this is a copy of the words (from an online video with misspellings):

Below is a second video of this same “ET” song, which you may not have seen.  It’s from a stage performance televised on American Idol.  Of course, as expected, it’s different from the original; but, interestingly, it continues the Reptilian theme.  This time it depictes snakes through both the costumes and writhing movement of the dancers.

In the TV version, Kenye West adds these lyrics:

“Imma disrobe you.  Then imma probe you.
See, I abducted you, so I tell you what to do.”

Hmmm.  Sexual victimization has been increasing popularized over the years, but not everyone considers that kind of thing a fun time.

Obviously this music video glamorizes aliens, specifically Grays and Reptilians.  Aliens are also glamorized in our movies, TV shows, TV commercials, and products — whether they’re good or evil!  Some people think aliens are interesting and appealing, like “Let’s meet!”  “Can’t we all just get along?”  “What amazing powers do you have?”  “Can you save the human race and our planet?”  “Will you save me, p-l-e-a-s-e?”  These are the people who romanticize aliens and just hope and pray for an encounter of some sort.  On the other hand, many alien abductees consider that an extremely naive perspective.  These same “experiencers” report truly traumatic encounters.  They desperately desire to get as far away from aliens as possible, like the Grays and Reptilians.

A Little Background on Reptilians

By the way, isn’t it interesting that snake / reptilian culture has been found all over the world since antiquity!  Reptilians appear to still have a very strong, real presence in our world.  Here is alleged information about Reptilians:

  • Reptilians are much older than mankind.  They were on this planet before humans.  Therefore, they aren’t necessarily considered “alien.”  In fact, they were the creator or co-creator of humans, which is where we get our “reptilian brain” and even how we form as embryos.  Reptilians continue to genetically manipulate humans and other life forms.
  • Some Reptilians are based underground on this planet in a network of hives.  Other are outside of our dimension but can briefly cross into ours.  And yet others are somehow able to walk among us undetected.  Reptilians are sometimes referred to as nephilim, demons, Satan, and Lucifer.
  • Reptilians live much longer than humans — even hundreds of years longer.  They pride themselves on remaining much the same over the eons.
  • During abductions of humans, Reptilians and Grays are frequently seen working together (with Grays working under the Reptilians).
  • A number of humans have voluntarily joined forces with Reptilians (“the Dark Forces” but sometimes referred to by followers as “the Light”) in an attempt to gain special favors and supernatural benefits.

What makes the “ET” music videos unnerving, especially to abductees, are these alleged facts:

  • Abductees are abducted perhaps twice a year or more starting at birth or before.  Both Grays and Reptilians are reported to conduct indescribable horrors (considered torture) upon human abductees.
  • Reptilians are unisexual / bisexual, which is considered by Reptilians to be the perfect sexual make-up.  Yet, they are physically compatible with human females.  (Well, they helped to create us, so why wouldn’t they be?)  A number of abductees report rape by Reptilians.
  • Additionally, abductees report other predatory and controlling behavior by Reptilians, such as mind control and vampiring of energy.
  • There has been a mixing of the human and Reptilians species for a unknown period of time, otherwise known as hybridization.  This is non-consensual by abductees.  (Some of these Reptilian-human hybrids live among us and are mixed into our different societies on this planet.  They account for some of our psychopaths.)
  • Some Reptilians have the ability to shape shift in order to appear human and to walk among us.  Others use hologram technology.  A rare number of humans have been able to observe these changes, but who could they tell without losing their own credibility or their lives?
  • Reptilians from other dimensions sometimes use humans as hosts (containers) in order to physically access this dimension, including other humans.  A sort of split personality — and even physical change, like body strength — occurs in the human host as the Reptilian comes and goes.  Those who find themselves married or otherwise connected to these Reptilian hosts may question their own sanity about the situation.  Who’s going to believe them anyway?

Perhaps I diverged somewhat, but you might want to keep this information in mind when you reflect upon the music video, “ET.”

Another Review

Lastly, here’s a message from the Message Boards, which gives a reader’s reaction to this video and provides additional information.

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