Father of Rock and Roll… & His “Pact With the Devil”

The video below is an account of Robert Johnson’s alleged pact with the Devil.  Johnson (1911-1938) was a Blues musician, who has been credited as the “Father of Rock and Roll.”  He has inspired countless musicians due to his amazing talent.  Interestingly, people reported that he had absolutely NO musical talent whatsoever… until he showcased what he had “learned” after a 6-8 months away.  This tells a story about Johnson’s exchange with Satan for his new talents:

For more information, you might check Wikipedia, which gives historical background on Johnson, including different perspectives of this same story about “selling his soul.”

True or not about a pact by Johnson,  there are a number of other people, who have recounted their own successes after seeking alignment with “evil” forces.  This allegiance is openly flaunted — in the past and today — by celebrities, such as politicians and those in Hollywood and the music scene.  However, unlike Johnson, others tend to advertise allegiance through secret signs and symbols that you probably won’t recognize unless you “do your homework.”  Here’s an excellent source of “signs and symbols” information that you can find through this website.

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