Massive Triangular-Shaped Hole in the Sun

There seems to be special public interest in the sun these days.  A number of videos have appeared on the Internet recently about the sun’s activities, such as from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).  Recent videos posted from outside the SDO have pointed out activities around the sun, like objects (spacecraft?) that appear to be traveling out of the sun itself.  The video below, though, stands out even more to this blogger.

The author of this video, UnderCoverAlien, publishes unique stories on the Internet.  However, this video report is truly mind bending.  It’s about a massive coronal hole in the sun shaped like an isosceles triangle, which appeared in March 2012!  The photos are amazing; and different professional sources are quoted, such as the Solar Terrestrial Activity Report.  Yet, you still can’t help but question the validity of what you’re seeing and hearing.  This is a fascinating story, which is definitely worth a look!  It ends by making very brief references to ancient geometry and to the “star gods” known as the Anunnaki.

(Note:  UnderCoverAlien uses an electronic voice to narrate his/her videos, so if you have trouble understanding any words or names, you might check the tags listed below.)

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