Mermaids, Sound Weapons & Government Cover-Ups

The Animal Planet just broadcast an astonishing story on TV, “Mermaids: The Body Found.”  This was described in an earlier posting on this same WordPress website.  If you have not yet had a chance to see the film, here is a link to five clips.  The purpose of this second posting, though, is as follow up with additional information.

At the end of three of these clips, you see an Internet address listed,  An identifying tab details the website as “Mermaids are Real – Real Evidence from Dr. Paul Robertson, NOAA researcher.”  However, the domain appears to have been seized and shut down by the Department of Justice and Homeland Security Investigations.

In addition, if you go to, you get the same message.  Dr. Robertson was presented as one of the researchers on this mermaid project.  Whether or not this is hoax, it certainly creates curiosity and interest.  If the story behind this film is true, then, of course, there’s concern as well.  Time No Longer is a website that claims to give more information about this story in “Mermaids, Sound Weapons and Government Cover-Ups.”

For another side of this Mermaids story, read “Animal Planet’s Imaginary Dr. Paul Robertson And ‘NOAA Fisheries Dept’ Probably Found An Ama, Not A Mermaid.”  The writer describes the film as a “fake-umentary with a few strands of truth laced into the story…”  Admittedly, this particular article is included in this posting with some hesitancy; but it’s always good to get a different viewpoint.

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2 Responses to Mermaids, Sound Weapons & Government Cover-Ups

  1. toddboland says:

    the goverment will not change my mind.

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