Some Thoughts About “Alien Gods” from the Bible

On this same website, you can find an earlier posting about Mauro Biglino and his recent book, The Book That Will Forever Change Our Idea About The Bible – The Gods Coming from Space.  This is not a book of fiction but rather a translation from the Bible by Biglino himself, a respected translator of Biblical text.  This is his website for the book and a recent video.  (If you are an English speaker who does not understand Italian, be sure to click on the CC at the bottom right for the English translation.)  To say the least, I think this is a very interesting book.  However, during these unique times in which we find ourselves, let me share some thoughts that keep coming to mind.

While watching Biglino’s videos and reading his book, there was a constant reminder that he is a former translator for the Vatican with “impeccable credentials.”  The Vatican appears to have been preparing for alien disclosure for some time now.  So, quite frankly, there is a nagging question about the current relationship between the author and the Vatican.  There are also questions about the purpose and timing of this book, especially since it’s the only one of Biglino’s four books written in English.  “New World Religion” and “upcoming alien disclosure” comes to mind, although, admittedly, those may not be at all what he had in mind when writing or publishing the book.

At the same time, Credo Mutwa keeps coming to mind.  Mutwa is a Zulu shaman from South Africa, who, more than eight years ago, was interviewed by David Icke and told an amazing story about aliens.  The African tradition is oral, and the story he told goes back eons.  If you have not yet seen this interview, it’s certainly worth a look.  Mutwa spoke about Reptilians in particular and his own eery encounters with different alien creatures.  He also recounted a very similar creationist story as Biglino.

Icke’s interview with Mutwa is entitled, “The Reptilian Agenda” (released in 2004).  Understand that Credo has a unique, slow style when he talks.  Some of his story is about history, and some of it appears to ramble.  However, Mutwa is an excellent story teller, if nothing else!  You can find the videos here and elsewhere.  You’ll probably want to view the very lengthy video(s) in chunks.  However, if you’re patient, Mutwa gives details you won’t find elsewhere!  There are surprises and real gems here and there, which can catch you unaware.  If you’re impatient or desire additional information, you can jump to some text here, which is an interview of Mutwa by different person; but you’ll miss some other details in Icke’s interview.  (By the way, Mutwa’s story is an ongoing one.)

Of course, the complete story of these “alien gods” is much more extensive.  Something new seems to unfold at least once a day, and disclosure does appear to be soon.  If “alien gods” are real, you can’t help but wonder how religious or spiritual people will react with such a disclosure event.  Will it confirm their faith or push them over the edge?  Will it unite people against a common enemy (New World Order)?  Or, will “aliens” be presented as friends — or perhaps a little of both?  If “aliens” are presented as “friends,” then, as with any new friend, it is highly recommended that you use extreme caution and let time tell the truth of the situation — with them and their friends.

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