Mermaids Film a Hoax?

In the event that you were not able to view the film, “Mermaids: The Body Found” on TV, Animal Planet recently posted the 2-hour special online here.  However, they moved it at least twice while they updated the web page.  Then, just a few hours ago, the link suddenly disappeared altogether, for whatever reason.  One of the reasons for this blog was to offer the link, especially since there has been such high interest in the Mermaids film — on the Internet in general and even on this website.  (If you’re interested, keep looking for a link, although it appears to be a moving target.)  Another reason was to follow-up with additional comments beyond those made in the two recent Mermaids postings on this website.

Nagging Questions about the Film

The Mermaids film generated immediate debate about the both validity of the film and the science behind it.  This blogger described the Mermaids film as “an astonishing story” and “a truly remarkable story and a well-done, entertaining film!”  This blogger still stands by both of those comments.  That never implied, though, that there was any truth or untruth to the story.  To be perfectly candid, there are some obvious questions, such as these:

  • The beach scene is very convenient and core to this film, but is it “real”?  The good quality and professional set up of the movie clip makes it impossible to be real — especially when you consider that it was taken by a young boy and on a flip phone.  For example, the camera that shot that footage had zoom capability.  Did flip camera phones from years ago have zoom capabilities?  Or, was the scene simply reshot for the film?  If it was reshot, that was misrepresented in the film.
  • Also convenient to the credibility of this film is the government (US Navy?) witness (who, interestingly, just happens to have the general look and voice pattern of Jesse Ventura, a whistle blower and someone many people trust).  If this is a high-security situation and if this person is a real witness, why would he risk exposure, even in shadow?  (By the way, Jesse Ventura tends to talk very publicly — and not in the shadows.)
  • The drawings of mermaids on the cave wall(s) in Egypt are very clear and well preserved for “ancient” drawings.  Were they perhaps redrawn for the film?  If so, that was not explained in this “science”-based film.
  • Most importantly, if national security really is involved with this story, how then was the film allowed to air on TV, especially considering “Big Brother” allegedly kept confiscating research and had already shut down related websites months earlier.  Why would “Big Brother” allow the film to broadcast more than once on TV and then allow it to be offered online as well?

One explanation for all of this comes from an online article entitled, “Were you fooled by Animal Planet’s mermaid special?”,  in which the writer gives her opinion:

The two-hour program is fiction, but it’s presented in documentary style, with actors playing scientists…

The channel admits this in a press release about the special, saying “the film is science fiction, using science as a springboard into imagination.”

But that didn’t stop some from being sucked in and believing what they saw.

Alternative “Mermaid” Theories

Regardless of the alleged fraud behind this Animal Planet show, what if “mermaids” really do exist?  This film presented an aquatic ape theory.  There are at least a couple of alternative theories regarding “mermaids.”  Briefly, one theory is that the Atlanteans were master manipulators of DNA and combined a variety species, like humans with fish, to create new creatures, including mermaids.  Another theory, though, is that these “mermaids” came from Sirius long ago, as described by people of the Dogon Tribe.

We are in a period of time that some are predicting alien disclosure as the final false flag.  If mermaids really exist, what if these creatures are actually very intelligent aliens?  Mermaid stories have been around since ancient times, so what if these “mermaids” (aliens) originally came from the skies (other planets) to inhabit this planet long ago?  Interestingly, some refer to the fish-like hats at the Vatican as symbolic, “pagan” tributes to these same creatures.  (You might check “The Dagon, Dogon, Vatican Connection.”)  In fact, the Vatican has been opening telling the public for a few years now that aliens — if they are indeed real — are God’s creatures to be embraced.  (See “A Complete List of Greek Sea Gods & Goddesses” for information on different types of mermaids.)

The DNA Issue

An important point of the film is the alleged fact that the DNA of this creature is a match to ours.  So, even if that were true, what if these creatures, “alien gods,” actually came from another planet and mixed with humans at some time in our past through interbreeding or by genetic manipulation?  Even if there was a match, does that mean these “mermaids” (aliens) have our best interest in mind?  Really, many of you have human relatives that you know don’t have your best interest in mind!  Therefore, beware of any immediate leap of good faith to connect with alleged distant relatives, who are non-human.  Also be careful about likening “mermaids” to our pets We generally expect our pets to offer unconditional love, but aliens are not our pets.

Were We Manipulated?

Additionally, what if parts of this film were purposely intended to create sympathy and acceptance of “mermaids” (aliens) by exaggerating their human appearance and human attributes?  The film depicts “mermaids” (aliens) with endearing human qualities, such as large eyes (such as an infant).  We see continuous visions of human-like arms and hands.  We watch a female clutch and bond with her newborn baby.  An adult male bravely sacrifices himself for the group.  All of this naturally pulls at us emotionally, especially considering their purported sad plight.  Because these “mermaids” look so human on the film and even display youthful, nobel and courageous attributes, there is an inner voice inside most of us that wants to connect with them and to provide assistance.  It’s difficult to remember that most of film’s depiction of “mermaids” is in animation.

We often see and hear what we want… and what we are manipulated to see and hear.  Note how the film starts by mentioning the conspiracy theories of 911, the US moon landing and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  These are landmark, emotional events for the general populace in the United States.  These serious events are still shrouded in mystery.  The opening words from the film cast a wide net — from young to old, as well as those who believe in conspiracies and those who do not.  Then the narrator assures you that you will be told the true facts about mermaids.  (You might want to carefully listen to that brief introduction.)  Then, the remainder of the film continually sends emotional waves through all the senses, except smell and touch, although it tries to create those as well.  A number of concepts enter the consciousness, while also tapping the deep subconscious.  The entire film has a hypnotic feel to it.

So, were we manipulated by this Animal Planet program?  Yes!  But, did we enjoy the film (those of us who had a chance to see it)?  Yes!

Problem – Action – Solution

The storyline of this Mermaids film reminds me of the Problem – Action – Solution theory explained by David Icke.  In other words, we can be so concerned or even outraged at the plight of supposed human “relatives” (aliens) that we demand that they be saved.  In reality, the solution that could come about (connection with aliens) is what was planned from the beginning (by the Illuminati).  Again, many are predicting alien disclosure in the near future; and it would be helpful (to the Illuminati) if the public was already accepting of (even demanding) and ready for aliens from the seas, if they really exist — or any aliens with whom the Illuminati are aligned.

You Are Being Monitored!

Lastly, it is suggested that you note the very high interest in mermaids at the moment.  You can be absolutely certain that interest and opinions on this and other topics are being monitored online and elsewhere.  This is being done by very careful, sophisticated methods.  This measurement includes your viewpoints and level of acceptance of specific politicians, government policies, world events, health issues, online resources (like Snopes), Facebook, zombies, aliens and other topics.  And, who is measuring?  Who has always been measuring the pulse of the “regular” people?

In Summary

The alternative theories and viewpoints presented in this posting may seem like wild conjecture, but it is proposed here that they are more plausible than the storyline in this Mermaids film.  The public generally wants to believe that an Animal Planet program like this would only represent honest information that we can all believe in — not deceive people through an outrageous hoax with just enough truth to cause us think the rest must be true as well.  However, this film is just another reminder to suspend judgment as long as you can and always question what you read, see and hear.  It’s a reminder to always question sources and their interests.

Regardless, “Mermaids: The Body Found” is still fun to watch!  It’s very well done!  You can always think of it as sheer entertainment… even if it’s just fiction and well-planned propaganda (i.e., brainwashing for things to come).

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2 Responses to Mermaids Film a Hoax?

  1. Carly Corday says:

    The shortest possible measurement of time, quicker than the nano-second, is the length of time required to realize the mermaid doc on Animal Planet is for fun, a show, not a true documentary. I do not believe there exists one living person older than 5 who ever mistook it for “real” or that any intention to seriously fool anyone was ever attempted. (But in that case, just who an I arguing with?) So okay…maybe it is a kids’ show, actually INTENDED to fool the young, for the thrill, as we do with Santa, the Easter Bunny, Cinderella, magic lamps, Batman. NOW, however, what we’re seeing is an attempt to decieve us into believing that millions have actually been “deceived”. ROTFLMAO!!!

  2. For serious information on possible “mermaids”, please google
    -econiche Homo
    -greg laden blog verhaegen.
    Rather than running over savannas, Homo populations during the Ice Ages followed coasts & rivers, collecting different waterside & shallow aquatic plant & animal foods.
    Human Evolution soon publishes the proceedings of the symposium with david Attenborough on human waterside evolution ‘Human Evolution: Past, Present & Future’ in London 8-10 May 2013:
    SPECIAL EDITION PART 1 (end 2013)
    Introduction – Peter Rhys-Evans
    1. Human’s Association with Water Bodies: the ‘Exaggerated Diving Reflex’ and its Relationship with the Evolutionary Allometry of Human Pelvic and Brain Sizes – Stephen Oppenheimer
    2. Human Ecological Breadth: Why Neither Savanna nor Aquatic Hypotheses can Hold Water – JH Langdon
    3. Endurance Running versus Underwater Foraging: an Anatomical and Palaeoecological Perspective – Stephen Munro
    4. Wading Hypotheses of the Origin of Human Bipedalism – Algis Kuliukas
    5. The Aquatic Ape Evolves: Common Misconceptions and Unproven Assumptions about the So-Called Aquatic Ape Hypothesis – Marc Verhaegen
    6. The Epigenetic Emergence of Culture at the Coastline: Interaction of Genes, Nutrition, Environment and Demography – CL Broadhurst & Michael Crawford
    SPECIAL EDITION PART 2 (begin 2014) with 12 contributions

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