London 2012 Olympics – False Flag?

A number of people keep referring to an alien disclosure and/or another catastrophic event, and they keep predicting when they might occur.  Some say a major event will occur on December 21, 2012, while others have been predicting for quite a while now that something will happen much sooner.  One of those “sooner” dates is this summer, specifically at the London 2012 Olympic Games.  Below are some recent online postings about a “false flag” this summer, all of which refer to mass sacrifice.

“2012 London Olympics: STAY THE F*** AWAY!!!!” (by UnderCoverAlien):

This video gives more information about the Rockefellor Report mentioned in the above video. 

“Rockerfeller Foundation Predicts 13000 to die at 2012 Olympics”:

Here’s yet another recent online video.  Note that 3:47 to 11:03 is a repetition of the majority of the UnderCoverAlien video above.  However, that still leaves some interesting — but disturbing — video at the very beginning and very end.  The beginning clips include references to cards from the Illuminati Card Game.  (By the way, you can purchase these cards online, although there are different versions now.)  The end of the video shows a creepy animated clip of an advertisement for the Summer Olympics.

“Illuminati Olympics (2012) The Plan Unfolds (False Flag/Psy-Op/Ritual?) NEW”:

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