Einstein’s Theory of Relativity vs. Divine Personal Power

There has been an uproar in the science world following last year’s announced discovery that subatomic particulars move faster than light.  That stunning discovery defied Einstein’s theory of special relativity, so there has been HOT debate about this.  Now there has been a retraction.  This news is important for different reasons.  First of all, to be candid, it looks like a cover-up of some sort.  It implies rigid conformity and a restriction of open, honest communication.  It also implies a propaganda of the limitations of the personal power that is intrinsic within humans.  Below is a sample of the unfolding news.

September 22, 2011:  “Faster Than Light Particles Could Wreck Einstein’s Relativity Theory”

September 23, 2011:  “‘Faster than light’ particles threaten Einstein”

June 9, 2012:  “Einstein was right after all: neutrinos can’t go faster than light”

June 9, 2012:  “Einstein was right, neutrino researchers admit”

The retraction appears suspiciously like another re-writing of science, just like there have been constant re-writings of historical and current events.  For example, as one of the above articles addresses, Einstein’s theory denies the ability to go back and forth into time (i.e., time travel).  However, it seems obvious that “elite,” top-secret government personnel and top scientists have known for a very long time now that time travel was more than a possibility.  They have been and continue to bend time and utilize time travel.

Perhaps the CERN researchers on this project were well-meaning and simply ignorant of the agenda to keep their new discovery a secret.  Since the CERN announcement, those involved in this careful research were surely pulled into deadly-serious conversations behind closed doors, which finally led to the recent retraction.  Or perhaps this news was planned to come out at this time just so the general public could be reminded that “Oh, yeah, that’s still not true…  Einstein was right about those basic limitations.”  After all, anything with Einstein’s name attached to it has to be true, eh?  And, anyway, why is it that it’s not acceptable for scientists to express different opinions?  Why was there the need to force a retraction or for anyone to lose their job or Nobel Peace Prize (or other professional penalty) over a different conclusion than Einstein?  Whatever the situation, this has the appearance that scientists have just been publicly reminded again of who’s in control of what’s “real” and that everyone darn well needs to get into alignment or else.

Whether or not the theory of special relativity is true, many people already know that all kinds of “impossible” things are possible.  These people never needed scientists to tell them “truth.”  They already know that some so-called “impossible” things just “are” (possible).  So, why do these kinds of truths need to be buried?  Well, one suggestion is that re-writings like this have to happen because of the interests involved.  You see, a basic, underlying concept behind all kinds of scientific and historical “facts” has to do with limiting your knowledge, especially about your personal power.  That power includes your ability to heal your own body, to live much longer than you’ve been told, to travel through time and to have knowledge of other dimensions (and the creatures within them).  These days, only a few individuals and groups seem to know about that kind of personal power, such as indigenous people with ancient knowledge that’s been passed down — you know, those who have been at the top of the list to be targeted for eugenics.

That leaves a large populace, who, unfortunately, have been mind controlled and otherwise controlled (drugs, electromagnetic energy, poor food and water, peer pressure, war, police state, etc.) so much that they (we?) wait for “authority” to tell them (us?) what’s “true.”  In the meantime, those in “authority” continue to manipulate and create outrageous hoaxes for financial gain, raw power and other reasons.  These individuals and groups have vested interests in our ignorance and misguidance… as do those who pull their strings… and those who pull their strings.

If you’ll dare to look, these are the true facts staring us in the face.  Those “in control” hope and plan that we’ll believe all the “official” fraudulent and “doom and gloom” information that they constantly bombard us with from different angles.  Many of us are beyond feeling dazed and confused to experiencing full-blown PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome).  It’s been carefully planned that we stay in states of misery, panic and fear (which, by the way, are important end-goals in themselves of a core, hidden agenda).  Subsequently, our tendency is to keep running back to the same people and institutions for protection (i.e., more of the same).

However, we do have ultimate, spiritual power available to us — the power that’s beyond our physical bodies!  We’re being challenged today to learn and re-learn what’s “possible.”  We’re being challenged to more fully develop our divine consciousness.

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