Vlad, Prince Charles and Reptilians

This video offers an interesting twist on fairly recent news.  It was taken down off the Internet but is now back up through someone else.  First, here is the very interesting introduction to this video by UnderCoverAlien:

“For almost one month I was unsuccessfully burning my brain trying to figure out why the government of Bulgaria started digging out several skeletons of people believed to be vampires 700 years ago, and killed with iron rods piercing their chests in pagan rituals, and also why the MSM is heavily advertising these skeletons.  Finally I came across with the information that Prince Charles of Wales publicly stated that he descends from Vlad Dracula, few days before the ceremonies of the queen’s diamond jubilee and everything made sense.

Vlad Tepes, aka ‘Dracula,’ more precisely ‘Draculia,’ which means ‘Dragon,’ was a high-member of the The Imperial and Royal Dragon Court and Order – Ordo Draconum, a hermetic order of reptilian bloodlines in East Europe and in mainly the Carpathians.”

Below is the initial news about the discovery of skeletons of vampires in Bulgaria in the summer of 2012:

About the same time, Prince Charles announced that he was related to Vlad the Impaler:

On a lighter, less conspiratorial note, here is a recent article, “Prince Charles, Heir to Dracula’s Blood Line,” as well as two videos, “Romania Touting Prince Charles’ Connection With Dracula” and “Prince Charles: Descendant of Dracula.”

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