Healthcare In Greece After Economic Collapse

The article below is from Natural News.  In an e-mail on June 22, 2012, Mike Adams introduced the article in this way:

The Greek economy is in full shutdown mode.  Virtually no commerce is taking place.  Most ATMs no longer work.  Checks no longer clear the bank.  People aren’t getting paid and therefore also not buying anything.

The entire (western) medical system in Greece is nearing total collapse.  Hospital workers are going unpaid, medicines have all but disappeared, Big Pharma has started to pull out.

Why does any of this matter?  Because this is a preview of what’s coming to America in the next few years as the global debt collapse unfolds.  

Will it take a “few years” for global debt collapse?  That’s a questionably short length of time.  Regardless, here’s the article:  “Greek healthcare system collapses, hospital workers now working without pay.”

(This blogger sends sincere best regards to everyone adversely affected in Greece and to those who have family or friends in Greece.)

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