Safe Sunscreen

The sun is necessary for our good health, but it can also be harsh.  Almost every one of the sunscreens available for purchase contain dangerous, toxic chemicals.  So, how can we get sun and stay skin-healthy at the same time?  Below are two articles that might have some answers for you:

“Should You Use Sunscreen… Or Not?”
“Don’t Expect Guidance on Sunscreens — FDA Drops the Ball Again”

For a very simple solution, monitor your time in the sun; and think about wearing a hat and light, extra clothing that you can take off and on depending on the sun’s intensity.  There’s even unique arm protective clothing (sun sleeves) that you can purchase — for both adults and children — through a company called Sunny Sleevez.  And, while on the water, here’s another idea that’s been around through the ages:

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