Mind Control – Origins & Techniques of Monarch Programming

This posting speaks to an extreme type of mind control that some cults, secret societies, religious groups, governments, and others have reportedly been using on victims.  This type of mind control is also referred to as trauma-based mind control, MK-ULTRA, Monarch programming, and other terms.  Apparently, it’s still very much in use.  Over the decades, it’s been refined so that it is now quite sophisticated.  Specially-trained programmers just need access to the victim(s).

Trauma-based mind control is a terrible secret that has been very carefully hidden.  The vast majority of the victims (like “Manchurian candidates”) don’t even know they’ve been victimized and that they are controllable through “handlers.”  Any victims/survivors who do become aware and try to seek help or speak out on the subject may be ridiculed, ostracized, institutionalized, drugged, threatened, harmed, or punished in some other way.  Those who try to help the victims/survivors are at similar risk.  Unfortunately, there’s a great deal of ignorance about this subject by the general public and even by therapists.

For more information, you might read an excellent online article entitled, “Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control.”   This article states that “over 2 million Americans have gone through the horrors of this program”!  It then gives a description of  origins of Monarch programming and some of the methods used.  You are also challenged to further research this topic for yourself and to find out more about this atrocious but very real practice!

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