Robotic Bird Takes Flight

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2 Responses to Robotic Bird Takes Flight

  1. dorica says:

    Interesting, you know what, one day, my boyfriend and I were taking a walk and we both had the impression of being watched. We concentrated and mentally decided to screen our bodies against spies. And just suddenly! a large bird flew away from a tree… it seemed like the bird was spying. on us. We later meditated and our higher-self confirmed our intuition and made us understood that some birds are spies ( spies of alien and / or military )… We didn’t have the foggiest idea at that time to ask about robotic-birds. Crazy, uh?

    • If various reports are reliable, then robotic insects, cyborg insects and robotics birds are being used in the surveillance of citizens. These are citizens outside the military, war or crime — those that the government or someone else is keeping an eye on.

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