Insect Robots and Cyborgs

Some robotic technology, especially for warfare, comes after extensive study of living things in nature, such as snakes, spiders, birds and insects.  There have been some remarkable successes with this type of robotics, with a high demand for smaller sizes.  Some developers, though, have gone back to the living source and incorporated robotics into live insects known as insect cyborgs.  The following two videos and two articles give some background on this insect robot and cyborg technology.

First, the video, “US Army’s Mini-Drone (Bug-Bot) Swarm,” was uploaded to the Internet in April 2008 with this description:

In this animated promotional video, defense contractor BAE Systems shows off its vision for ‘Micro Autonomous Systems and Technology’ — tiny, swarming, bug-like robots.   The Army just gave the company a $38 million contract to head up a consortium of researchers into the next-gen mini-drones.

The next video, “Cyborg Insects,” was uploaded to YouTube in March 2008.  (WARNING:  This video may appear cruel and otherwise unpleasant to some viewers.)  

This is an article uploaded to the Internet in July 2009, which describes the reasoning behind developing robot-insect cyborgs.

“Military developing robot-insect cyborgs”

Lastly, this online article from June 2012 details the miniaturization of both robots and insects cyborgs.  The article has wonderful color photos, an interesting video about quadrotors, and 38 links to other articles and videos.

“The Future of Drone Surveillance: Swarms of Cyborg Insect Drones”

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