Update on Alien Interferences – Dr. Corrado Malanga, 2009

Dr. Corrado Malanga is a decades-long researcher of aliens, who has some very interesting “inside” information about them.  This is an update from his 2008 lecture, so, of course, this 2009 lecture repeats some while also adding new info.  If you want to know more details about aliens, this is fascinating information unlike anything you may read or hear outside of Malanga!  It’s highly recommended!  

For the lecture, you have the choice of reading a PDF transcript and seeing the video.   The English transcript of Dr Malanga’s 2009 lecture is here, which has been translated from Italian.  Although a few of the sections of the 18-part video lecture are missing online, some people will still prefer to see and hear Malanga as he talks.  This video is difficult to find on the Internet, so the links are listed below for your convenience.

NOTE:  For the video, select CC at the bottom right to choose English captions.  The lecture may start out a little slow for some; but it’s very fast in some other sections.  You will have to read the captions very quickly during some sections.  You may even need to repeat some of the video in order to be able to read and understand it all.  Or, you can just consult the written PDF version.

Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6

Part 7 – Missing section.  Read from the transcript here.

Part 8, Part 9Part 10, Part 11, Part 12

Part 13 – In Italian language only.  Read from the transcript here.

Parts 14-18 – Missing sections.  Read from the transcript here.

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