Alien Gray Cartoons

Gray Zone
For a fun and interesting website with alien and UFO cartoons, check out Close Encounters Studios.  The cartoons of alien Grays found on this website are rather refreshing in their humor.  This posting is not to minimize or make light of the serious nature of alien encounters, interference and abductions.  Of course, abductees will view the cartoons from a very different perspective that non-abductees.  But even abductees might feel comfortable enough to view these, while also feeling somewhat vindicated.   You can see a few of the cartoons on this Facebook page.

The cartoonist, Roger Phillips, has had a curiosity about aliens since he sighted a UFO in 1985.  He reportedly creates alien cartoons on a daily basis.  Phillips also sells books and other alien merchandise.  His website for “Handmade Extraterrestrial Gifts and Alien Cartoons” has a tagline of “Perfect for the conspiracy theorist in us all!”  He has now published four volumes of “alien and UFO cartoons” in his “The Gray Zone” series.  Amusingly, they are titled:

GRAY RIGHTS (volume two)
GRAY TRASH (volume three)
THRIFTY SHADES OF GRAY (volume four) – available in August 2012

You can find more information at The Gray Zone.

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