Love + Sex with Robots

There has been a fascination about love and sex with robots for a very long time now.  And this fascination appears to be increasing in popularity.  So, OK, we know that human relationships are, well… disappointing at times and unpredictable.  Sometimes it’s just very difficult and time consuming to find a desirable match.  This is exactly why some humans openly welcome the idea of love and sex with robots!  In fact, it’s expected that robots will eventually revolutionize the sex industry (prostitution).  On the other hand, others report that this kind of intimate human-robot relationship is totally unnatural and unhealthy for us as humans.

Why, then, is it that so many humans have this interest in — and even longing to — connect with an android?  Some report that the reason is due to mind control — the creation of a mindset — to further separate and isolate us from each other, while making androids (and other electronic creations) look more attractive to us.  This same type of influence is also thought to glamorize humans who look and act like living dolls, as seen in popular music videos and celebrity photos.  In other words, a mindset is created about being the one in control of another person, as well as the one being controlled.  All of this can usually be found under the conspiracy label of “transhumanism.”  However, another theory is that the concept of “love and sex with robots” has simply evolved as a result of the already-strained “equal” relationships between men and women.

It was difficult to find a more “family friendly” version of a video on this subject, but here is one:

As you can guess, almost all of this type of interest and demand is by men.  However, check out the photo, Personal Robot o5, by Franz Steiner.  Is this really a women’s perspective, or is this propaganda?

Although “love and sex with robots” is generally considered “underground” or a fetish at this time, it is, without a doubt, a popular topic.  You can find much on this subject in books, movies, music videos, comics, adult conferences and online.  In the meantime, you might check out the following articles about David Levy and his book, LOVE AND SEX WITH ROBOTS.

“Humans Marrying Robots?  A Q&A with David Levy”

“Robo Love”

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