Shadow People, 2012 & The Quickening

Below is a Coast to Coast AM radio show with Art Bell interviewing “Thunder Strikes” (Harley SwiftDeer Reagan).  Thunder is a Native American (half-Cherokee), a teacher, a shaman and a healer.  In this 2-hour interview, Thunder talks about a variety of topics, including “the awakening” vs. “the quickening” and Kharma vs. Dharma.  He talks about our human origins, the arc of the crystal skulls, the concept of time, our planet’s history, and different ancient prophecies.  He also states that “all the Native American Turtle Island people” (i.e., indigenous people from the continent of North America) will “shut off their calendar” on August 17, 2012 — and he tells why.

Other curious points Thunder makes are about the many dimensions of reality, as well as the heightened perception that people are capable of through our 5 ears and 10 eyes.  Thunder discusses “shadow people,” who he reports are parallel dimensional beings that were first recorded in 1153 BC by indigenous people.  He explains why we’re “seeing” more and more of these parasitic entities, as well as other entities.  During the interview, Thunder talks about a number of entities.  However, he makes it clear that he believes there are bad and good entities.

Although the last section of the interview has a little audio interference, this is a fascinating program — from start to finish.  It was originally broadcast in 2001 (yes, 11 years ago!), but you’d think it was just recorded!

By the way, if you conduct an online search for “August 17, 2012” (which happens to be a Friday), you’ll find it’s a popular date.  It’s quite interesting to observe the kinds of events, even new movie releases, that are being scheduled for that same date — what they’re about and even how they’re being advertised.  Also, this radio show about “shadow beings” would have been more interesting if we could have viewed the drawings sent into Coast to Coast by listeners back in 2001.  If you have access to those drawings, please forward them so that they can be shared with others through this website.  Thank you!

For more information about Thunder Strikes, check his website.

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