Sigur Rós – Varúð

The following music is from the album, VALTARI, by the band, Sigur Rós, out of Iceland:

Visit Sigur Rós here, on their Facebook page and elsewhere.  To learn more about the story behind the video production for this particular song, “Varúð,” you can check here.

The production notes state that the word, “varúð,” means caution or warning.  I was unaware of that meaning and did not discover these notes until after viewing the music video maybe 3 times.  Interestingly, I perceived the music and the communications between people in the video as hauntingly beautiful and positive overall — even inspiring, most especially toward the end.

By the way, the video production notes also state that “we have no idea who they are or what they are warning us about.”  Well, just the same, because the flashlight signals were so well synchronized, I felt compelled to have the signaling double-checked.  Truth be known, some of you were wondering about this as well, eh?  So, an inquiry was made of a personal friend, who just happens to be a ham radio operator and one of the few remaining Morse Code specialists.  In turn, he consulted with a friend of his, just in case — a fellow “ham” and former US Navy (Morse Code) radioman, who just so happened to have spent some time in Iceland decades ago.  Neither were able to “pick out anything from the blinking lights that appeared to any combination of letter patterns from Morse.”  In other words, “the blinking lights do not appear to be Morse Code.”  However, both of them enjoyed the music and the video, especially the former serviceman, who lived in Iceland for a while!

So, in the end, that confirmation releases the questioners among us from any pre-conceived meanings attributed to the video (except for perhaps the title) — to find our own rich meaning to this music video.  That was, of course, the intent of the video producer all along.  How fun and interesting it would be to hear the different interpretations…

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