Ancient Egypt, Reptilian Symbolism & Cloning

This article, “Ancient Egypt, Reptilian Symbolism, and the Cloning of a Pharaoh” offers a conspiratorial opinion about where we are with respect to Illuminati vs. Humanity.  It starts with how long the Illuminati has been around, the overall game plan and the score.   In addition, the writer connects the reptile culture with all of this.  The article ends with Freeman’s theory (videos) about the cloning of Obama using Pharaoh DNA, as well as the purpose for the cloning.  A short clip of this same video by Freeman was published earlier on this website; but this article gives links for the complete video.

This article is recommended.  The images (15) are wonderful, and there are 9 video clips.  Freeman always seems to have well-researched information to offer, and the information he gives in his video is very interesting indeed.

“Ancient Egypt, Reptilian Symbolism and the Cloning of a Pharaoh”

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