Origin of the Fish Head Hat

This video is from The Stargate Report.  The description is:

The True Origins of the Fish Head Hat
Otherwise Known as the Papal Miter

This hat comes directly from Babylon and is a direct representation of the true roots of Catholicism.  It identifies Benedict VXI as the leader of the largest and oldest pagan religious organization on the planet.  It is also a direct connection to Nimrod, who sought to kill God in retaliation for the flood, and Dagon, the Fish god who supposedly came up from the sea after the flood and sought to restore the religious practices for which God wiped the earth clean.

In the End Times the weeds will be plainly visible… who knew that they would dress up like fish.

One of the images in this video is a Thomas Nast drawing entitled, “The American River Ganges.”  It was first published in 1871.  For a larger and sharper view of this drawing, check here.  To get more information about the history of this drawing, check here and here.

This video was discovered on the website NOT Abducted! in the June 24, 2012, posting, Strangers, Archetypes and the Collective Subconscious (rough English translation here).  This website has some very interesting articles and videos.  The text is primarily written in Finnish, although many of the videos are in English.

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