Psychic Vampires – the Dark Side

The Internet radio clip below is from an interview with Michael Tsarion about psychic vampirism.  As an introduction, this wording was taken from Tsarion’s website:

The psychic vampire is society’s most sophisticated and undectectable predator.  Although psychic vampirism is a cause of physical illness and emotional distress, it is a phenomenon as yet unrecognized by professional clinicians and psychologists — for very good reason.  Nevertheless, the time has come for humanity to know the facts.

The following is what Tsarion reported from the complete interview starting at around 9:00:

There wouldn’t be such a phenomenon as any kind of vampirism — any kind of energy vampirism at all — if there were not children of the light.  Because of the children of the light — people who have an intense light, intense love, who are inner directed, who are auto-generated, people who are motivated themselves — it is those individuals who are most affected by the negative attentions of other people.  It’s a very strange quirk of fate.  But, the person who is already dark and has no energy is obviously not the victim of psychic vampirism to any great extent….  It’s people of a certain kind of genius, a certain kind of spirit and a certain kind of power… morally superior beings on Earth — those individuals are going to beset by those who see that light and… want to plug into it.

In the full interview, Tsarion shares more of his perspective about the vampirism around us.  He describes what vampirism is, the nature of vampirism and how to best avoid it.  He addresses the nature of our souls, as well as definitions of introversion vs. extroversion (which he seems to interchange with “inner- directed” and “creative” vs. “outer-directed”).  He warns about some New Age thought, while he also recommends being authentic and tapping into your own intuition.  In addition, he talks about the agenda of “evil” and the major time of “revealing” in 2012.  Some listeners may question or differ with some of Tsarion’s information.  Agreement on all points, though, is not necessary to find value in this interview from a “dark side” point of view.  So, if you’re interested in hearing the rest of this very interesting perspective on vampires, the link to the full interview is here.  (It starts out a little slow for the first few minutes but then picks up speed.)

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