Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave

A much-quoted source of information about trauma-based mind control is the book, THE ILLUMINATI FORMULA TO CREATE AN UNDETECTABLE TOTAL MIND CONTROL SLAVE, by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler.  This is considered a classic manual with all kinds of informative — and also very disturbing — information about ritual abuse and mind control (RA/MC).  The authors’ purpose of the book was to help make the public aware of this horrific underground practice.

There are, though, some in the mental health profession who apparently do not respect this source.  There appear to only be a handful of therapists anyway who know about and believe this type of mind control exists… and who don’t automatically label the victims with mental health issues.

This book is NOT for victims or probably even survivors of RA/MC, as it lists specific programming triggers.  It also reports how victims might be selected and the many ways they can be programmed.  In other words, by reading the book, victims/survivors could be triggered in unknown and quite dangerous ways.  (For some of you, reading this may actually be your first conscious clue about your own programming.)

Below are two online versions of the same book:

This book is now offered free online for wider distribution.  However, you can purchase a printed copy of this book, such as through Amazon.  One advantage of a hard copy is that it includes images.  You might also check out Springmeier’s other books and videos.

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